Milardo grew up listening to Electronic and Techno music and at the age of 14, he realized that he could use it to express his own personality. Not long after he deepened his musical knowledge by first playing acoustic drums and then electronic drums later on he devoted his time to the analogic synthesizer’s analysis.

Stand out from everyone.

Born in 1994, the Netherlands. Milardo 

Milardo is an acquaintance in the DJ scene. Since the rise of electronic music in the Netherlands in 2012, Milardo has helped major DJs through video content. For years he has hidden his passion and that is performing for people. Milardo is different from other DJs. He tries to make all facets of his music himself. To convey his story in music, brand, video, media, art and clothing line. He does everything himself! Stand out from everyone. Milardo has one mission. And that is creating art that people can recognize with. 

Being together, enjoying the music, forget the world. That is my love for techno industry.
– Milardo


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